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CANPAYDAYLOANS is a direct Canadian lender that provides payday loan services at the lowest interest rates. CANPAYDAYLOANS is the leading payday loan lender in the market of payday loans and you will not find any other loan company providing loan services at such low interest rates. We have reached a number of 100,000 satisfied customers and the number of regular customers is growing. People with bad credit records can also apply for a payday loan as each customer is important for us and we will work out the way to repay the loan if there is some problem with it. Our expiring reaching 10 years lets our team to serve our customers in the most efficient way.

CANADIAN PAYDAY LOANS Online for Better Financial Management
Instant Loan
You will need just 3-4 minutes to fill in the application and you will receive an e-mail, approving it in a sec.
No Faxing
We do not require faxing any documents and all that you need is just to complete the application form featured on the web site.
Your Money
in 30 Minutes
In just 30 minutes, you will see that the balance of your bank account is increased and you will be able to use the money right that moment
The most undesirable and difficult situation can be only related to the shortage of money you can experience and to find the desired sum of more can be a challenge that will never be fulfilled. If you experience any financial losses or suffer from unexpected expenses, you can always use the services provided y our leading loan company. CANPAYDAYLOANS payday loan company acts as a direct lender and do not experience any need in excess profits related to the highest interest rates.

CANPAYDAYLOANS just offers the loan services at the lowest interest rates possible as we are interested in a growing number of customers who would use our services on a regular basis. This year, CANPAYDAYLOANS has reached the number of 100,000 satisfied customers who use the loan services of our company. Yes, with our payday loan services you can get the desired money within 24 hours and you will be able to solve your financial problems and difficulties. The benefits of our payday loan services are numerous and you can experience all if them at once. The first and the most vivid benefit is that you can apply for a payday loan online and you will not need to spend a lot of time filling in all the application form.

No paperwork needed as you can just answer all the questions online and the rest will be a subject for consideration of our sales representative. The process of approving of your application form will take no more than 30 mins and you will get the reply via e-mail. You should remember one thing is that if you start applying for a payday loan, it does not mean that you will have to use the payday loan services of our loan company. You can check the terms and conditions when applying for a payday loan and if you are satisfied with all of them, you can confirm your desire to use the payday loan services and within 24 hours you will see that your bank account is updated with a new sum of money.

Most companies use hidden caists to earn more money but our company is a licensed and legal entity and acts in complete accordance of regional regulations. You should never be afraid of using payday loan services as all your rights are insured by the regulations and if you have any questions about the fees and conditions, you can always consult a professional on that issue. Else, our CANPAYDAYLOANS support team is always online and you can get a piece of professional advice online. Else, our sales representatives will work out the sum of money you can apply for and this sum will not be difficult to repay.

Most direct lenders are really loyal and they can work out specific conditions for you. And, if you do not repay your payday loan in time, your deadline can be postponed for the satisfaction of both sides. Before you start applying for a payday loan, you need to check the policies and terms. The requirements can be different as well. As far as our requirements are concerned, you need to be a resident of the United States of America and 18 years old. You will also need to provide the reliable information, concerning your monthly earnings as our support team will need to check all the details provided by you. Basing on your details, our support team will approve our application or not.

In general, we can sum up all the benefits of payday loan services:
  • Shortest time of application process (3-4 minutes);
  • Approval within 30 minutes;
  • 24 Hours turnaround time.



David S. Cronin

I wanted to buy a brand new chevy and I understood that I could hardly manage my living but one of my closest friends advised my using loans services if CANPAYDAYLOANS. Within 24 hours I managed to get the sum of money that could help me cope with my everyday challenges.


Katrina P. Crutchfield

With CANPAYDAYLOANS, I managed to get the needed money for Christmas presents. There is nothing more exciting than seeing your relatives happy with the present. With the following paycheck, I managed to repay all my loan and if there is any trouble in my life, I know the place where I can get money.


Catherine K. George

Having an opportunity to borrow money from CANPAYDAYLOANS let me cover all my expenses and I do not feel so limited. With the payday loan services of CANPAYDAYLOANS I can pay my utility bills timely and I do not have to pay any overdue penalties.

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